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Welcome to HighRiskExperts.com, where we help provide high risk merchant accounts for credit card processing in every industry. With over 20 years of experience setting up high risk merchant accounts we guarantee lowest rates and the fastest payouts. We can find a high risk credit card processing option to meet the specific needs of your industry. If we can't get you approved for a merchant account, then no one can!

Symptoms of a High Risk Business you shouldn't be Alarmed for

Symptoms of a High Risk Business you shouldn't be Alarmed for  

You have been hearing on the business blogosphere about a high risk business. Having a high risk business means less chances of getting a merchant account. As a merchant, you tend to wonder of you have a high risk business. Well, it's the banks who have the highest authority to either confirm or deny if your business belongs to this infamous category. To aid you with this dilemma, I have researched some indicators of a high risk business.

  • High volume turnover every month
  • Business is based offshore
  • Transactions susceptible to money laundering or fraud
  • Foreseen outrageous chargebacks and frauds
  • New busineses with no or little credit line yet

If you possess at least two of the qualities above, then you are included in the honor list of high risk businesses.

They all involved risks and uncertainty to the local bank or processor. To add insult to injury, these negative perceptions about your business can spell liability to the bank or the provider for your merchant account. Also, if you have a business in adult, travel, online pharmacy, telemarketing, multilevel marketing, gambling, dating service, lottery ticket, multilevel marketing or high volume, then it's a sign you're under this category.

So, what if you're a high risk merchant? If that's the business you're interested in and you're making good money from it, then there's nothing to fear. You should just know the options that you have in order to securely maintain your high risk business. A domestic high risk merchant account or an high risk offshore merchant account can definitely accommodate the high risk factors of your business for they welcome new business with virtually no credit line, offer adaptable options in dealing with chargebacks by offering fraud-proof tools that will process funds securely. When you're able to get most of your domestic high risk merchant account or an offshore merchant account, you'll realize that having a high risk business is one of the good things you've ventured into.

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